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What medicine is given to some diabetics to control blood sugar?
a) Diuretic
b) Insulin
c) Aspirin
d) Antibiotic

Which gland produces adrenalin in response to stress?
a) Thyroid
b) Heart
c) Kidney
d) Adrenal

Inability to process carbohydrates properly is called
a) Hunger
b) Diabetes
c) Tympanum
d) Menopause

Sores that won't heal in a diabetic patient can result in
a) Amputation
b) Low blood sugar
c) A cure
d) UTI

Which is especially important for a diabetic patient?
a) Big meals
b) Foot care
c) Hair care
d) Pain pills

High blood sugar is called
a) Hypotension
b) Hypertension
c) Hypoglycemia
d) Hyperglycemia

High blood sugar can damage tiny blood vessels, causing
a) Vision problems
b) Thrush
c) Age spots
d) Dysuria

Lack of estrogen production in a post-menopausal female can cause
a) Dysuria
b) Dyspnea
c) Osteoporosis
d) Osteoarthritis

An enlarged prostrate can cause
a) Dysuria
b) Dyspnea
c) Dysphagia
d) Dystrophy

Your diabetic patient took his insulin shot, but did not eat breakfast. Now he is weak, shaky, & has slurred speech. What could be wrong?
a) High blood sugar
b) Low blood sugar
c) Hypertension
d) Headache

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