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The chain of proglottids is collectively called the ____and the holdfast or attachment organ is called the ___
a) strobila, scolex
b) scolex, opisthaptor
c) opisthaptor, cercaria
d) cercaria, strobila

While a few of the approximately 650 species of the phylum Nemertea live in moist soil or fresh water, most of them are found
a) in deep sea vents
b) in the intertidal zone
c) living as symbionts
d) living as parasites

the phylum Nemertea is general is most like members of the class
a) Monogenea
b) Turbellaria
c) Trematoda
d) Cestoda

The rhynchocoel is a cavity that contains the
a) protonephridia
b) heart
c) gonads
d) proboscis

While most members of the class Turbellaria are __ the nemerteans are ______
a) hermaphroditic; asexual
b) asexual, monoecious
c) monoecious, dioecious
d) dioecious, hermaphroditic

Approximately 80 species of the phylum Gnathostomulida have been found living
a) in deep sea vents
b) in the intertidal zone
c) as symbionts
d) as parasites

The members of the phylum Gnathostomulida are similar to rotifers because they both have
a) a complete gut
b) a closed circulatory system
c) lateral armed jaws
d) a pseudocoel

In the digenetic trematodes, the first or invertebrate host is called the ____ and the second or final host is called the ___
a) molluscan, amphibian
b) indirect, direct
c) intermediate, complete
d) intermediate, definitive

In flame cells
a) light is detected
b) ciliated sperm are stored
c) unidigested food is expelled
d) cili drive fluids through tubules for excretion

The large posterior attachment organ of the adult monogenean is the
a) rhabdite
b) pilidium
c) cirrus
d) opisthaptor

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