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A gene is
a) a set of instructions for a characteristic
b) 2 of the choices
c) one form of a characteristic
d) one form of a trait

Alleles are
a) dominant or recessive
b) all of the choices
c) a form of a gene
d) represented as letters

What are the results of a cross between parents with genotypes CC and Cc if C means you have a cleft chin and c means you don't.
a) All offspring have cleft chins
b) There are offspring with the genotype CC and with the genotype Cc
c) The ratio of genotypes is 1:1
d) all of the choices

A curly eared cat mated with a normal eared cat. All of the kittens had curly ears. What is the genotype of the kittens if the allele for curly ears is C.
a) Cc
b) Cn
c) CC
d) cc

The phenotype for flowers with the genotype Pp is
a) purple
b) none of the choices
c) a combination of purple and white
d) white

Incomplete dominant traits result in offspring with
a) a blend of the parents traits
b) 2 of the choices
c) the recessive trait
d) the dominant trait

Which of the following is incorrect?
a) one gene can influence more than one trait
b) none of the choices
c) many genes can influence one trait
d) one gene can influence one trait

What are the chances that a man with the genotype Bb and a women with the genotype bb can have kids with blue eyes? (B is brown, b is blue)
a) 50%
b) 100%
c) 75%
d) 25%

What is the probable ratio of brown to blue eyed offspring if a man with the genotype Bb has kids with a women with the genotype Bb
a) 3:1
b) 4:1
c) 2:1
d) 1:1

Which possible genotypes will produce offspring with only the genotypes Bb
a) BB x bb
b) BB x BB
c) BB x Bb
d) Bb x bb

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