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When Mendel cut the anthers off of his pea plants he was trying to avoid
a) cross pollination
b) self pollination
c) any pollination
d) insects

A plant that is true breeding will have offspring______________
a) that have traits that are the same as the parent
b) that have some traits that are the same as and some traits that are different from the parent
c) that have no traits similar to the parent
d) none of the choices

When Mendel did his first experiments he noticed there was a ratio of ___________
a) 3 dominant: 1 recessive
b) 3 recessive: 1 dominant
c) 4 dominant: 1 recessive
d) 4 recessive: 1 dominant

The dominant trait
a) will be masked in the first generation
b) will appear in the second generation
c) will appear in the first generation
d) 2 of the choices

A curly-eared cat mated with a normal-eared cat and all of the kittens had curly ears.
a) curly ears is a dominant trait
b) curly ears is a recessive trait
c) normal ears is a dominant trait
d) 2 of the choices

An example of a characteristic is
a) hair color
b) blue eyes
c) long nose
d) small hands

Blue eyes is an example of a _____ which is a different form of a ___________
a) trait; characteristic
b) characteristic; trait
c) characteristic; gene
d) gene; characteristic

When Mendel crossed true breeding yellow peas with true breeding green peas, all the offspring were yellow.
a) Yellow peas is a dominant trait
b) Green peas is a dominant trait
c) Green peas is a recessive trait
d) 2 of the choices

What is the ratio of students who passed the test to students who didn't if 12 students out of 15 passed?
a) 12:15
b) 4:5
c) 4:1
d) none of the choices

In Mendel's second experiment he crossed ____________ plants with ___________
a) true breeding; true breeding
b) parent generation; parent generation
c) first generation; first generation
d) second generation; second generation

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