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Plagiarism is avoided by citing your sources in the ______________ page.
a) title
b) first
c) bibliography
d) last paragraph

The alignment of the title page should be __________________ vertically and _________________ horizontally.
a) top, center
b) center, left
c) top, left
d) centered, centered

Which of the following is an option for the placement of a page number?
a) top left
b) bottom center
c) top center
d) bottom right

A hanging indent means all lines are indented except for the
a) first line
b) second line
c) middle line
d) last line

The spacing between references is
a) quadruple
b) triple space
c) double space
d) single spaced

The top margin of the first page of a report is
a) .5 inch
b) 1 inch
c) 1.5 inches
d) 2 inches

The alignment for typing a report is
a) left
b) right
c) centered
d) justified

When typing a report the line spacing is
a) single spaced
b) double spaced
c) triple spaced
d) quadruple spaced

The title is NOT
a) typed in caps
b) followed by a quadruple pace
c) centered
d) left aligned

Which page of the report is suppressed?
a) title page
b) page 1
c) page 2
d) None, they are all suppressed

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