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Sam is traveling wants to interact with you on the Internet in real time. Which of the following programs will let the two of you communicate in real time?
a) Presentation program
b) Chat program
c) Word processing program
d) Spreadsheet program

You are communicating with your friend by using instant messaging. Both computers have a microphone and a Web cam. Which of the following options are possible?
a) Send a fax & print documents & view your friend during the communication
b) Send photographs & scan images
c) Scan images & print documents
d) Send photographs & hear & view your friend during the communication

Your friend is in another part of the world, and you want to have a real-time conversation with him. Which of the following options will help you do this?
a) Postal Service
b) Instant messaging
c) Courier service
d) Presentation program

Your brother wants to know about e-mail. He asks you to explain simply the use of sending e-mail messages. Which of the following options is a benefit of e-mail that you will menti
a) Exchange text and pictures with people
b) Send cash to people
c) Send couriers to people
d) Scan pictures

Your colleague wants to quit her job. She wants to type her resignation letter. What kind of program will she use to do this?
a) Word-processing program
b) Presentation program
c) Spreadsheet program
d) Graphics program

Your friend sends you a photograph of his son. You want to enlarge the photograph. Which program type will you use to make this modification?
a) Presentation program
b) Spreadsheet program
c) Graphics program
d) Word processing program

You visit Woodgrove Bank to ask about your account balance. The teller gives you details within a short span of time. Which of the following programs does the bank use?
a) Publishing program
b) Graphics program
c) Database program
d) Presentation program

Your parents need to plan the budget for next month. They record the daily expenses calculate the total expenses for each category. Which program will they use for this budget?
a) Database program
b) Presentation program
c) Publishing program
d) Spreadsheet program

You have game CD to play on your computer but it runs slowly. Which of the following components will you change to increase the speed of your computer?
a) Universal serial USB port
b) Monitor
c) Random access memory RAM
d) Keyboard

You have programs open at the same time on your computer but notice that the speed of the computer is considerably slower. What is the reason for this?
a) Nonfunctional mouse
b) Insufficient random access memory RAM
c) Low monitor speed
d) Nonfunctional keyboard

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