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The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere happens on
a) March 21
b) September 21
c) December 21
d) June 21

March 21 and September 21 are called
a) autumnal
b) equinoxes
c) solstices
d) vernal

Earth\'s revolution takes
a) 365.25 days
b) 27 hours
c) 27 days
d) 24 hours

Earth is tilted how many degrees?
a) 27-30
b) 180
c) 365.25
d) 23.5

Why does Earth have 4 seasons?
a) The Earth is rotating.
b) The Moon is tilted.
c) The Earth is tilited.
d) The Moon is rotating.

When we can not see the Moon in the sky, we are experieincing what phase?
a) full moon
b) new moon
c) 1st quarter
d) 3rd quarter

What is the major force that keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth?
a) inertia
b) friction
c) acceleration
d) gravity

Earth\'s rotation gives us
a) day and night
b) tides
c) moon phases
d) spring and fall

Moonlight is reflection from
a) the Earth
b) the Sun
c) meteors
d) other planets

How many moon phases are there?
a) 8
b) 5
c) 365
d) 27-30

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