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The number of electrons in the outermost energy level determines an element’s _________.
a) Physical properties
b) Chemical properties
c) Chemical reactivity
d) both b & c

Ionic bonds are between _______________ & ________________.
a) metal & nonmetal
b) metal & metal
c) nonmetal & nonmetal
d) metal & metalloids

When chemical bonds form, electrons are
a) shared
b) gained
c) lost
d) could be any one of the three

All atoms on the periodic table have this charge.
a) none, or neutral
b) positive
c) negative
d) electrons

Chlorine is in group or family 7 (17). What does that mean?
a) Chlorine has 7 electrons in its outer shell
b) Chlorine has 7 energy shells
c) Chlorine has 17 electrons in its outer shell
d) Chlorine has 17 energy shells

A bond that forms when electrons are transferred from one atom to another atom is called this.
a) metals
b) ionic
c) covalent
d) hydrogen

________ are charged particles that form when atoms gain or lose electrons.
a) Ions
b) Isotopes
c) Positive
d) Negative

A chemical __________________ represents the changes that take place in a chemical reaction (reactants -->products).
a) bond
b) reaction
c) compound
d) equation

A _____________________ bond forms when atoms share one or more pairs of electrons.
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) metallic
d) hydrogen

Covalent bonds are between ___________ & ____________.
a) metals & nonmetals
b) metals & metals
c) nonmetals & nonmetals
d) metals & metalloids

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