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Multicellular organisms undergo mitosis because
a) mitosis increases variation within an organism.
b) mitosis produces identical cells to the original dividing cell.
c) mitosis allows for reproduction with male and female gametes.
d) mitosis produces cells that are different from the original dividing cell.

Mendel hypothesized that gametes have only one factor or allele for each inherited trait. This hypothesis is supported by the observation that
a) diploid cells are produced by meiosis
b) haploid cells are produced by meiosis
c) diploid cells are produced by mitosis
d) haploid cells are produced by mitosis

Mendel experimented with garden peas. One of the traits he looked at was texture of the pea coat. If we said the pea coat was smooth what are we looking at?
a) alleles
b) chromosomes
c) phenotype
d) genotype

Two pink-flowering plants are crossed. The offspring percentages are 25% red, 25% white and 50% pink. What would the parent's genotypes be?
a) one homozygous dominant, one homozygous recessive
b) both heterozygous
c) both homozygous recessive
d) both homozygous dominant

3' GCTTAGTCAAG 5' Which of the following nucleotide base sequences complements the section of DNA modeled above?

To create bacteria that produce human insulin, scientists insert the human gene of interest into the bacterial
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) plasmid
d) circular chromosome

Which of the following is an example of gene cloning?
a) the fastest deer surviving in the wild
b) genetically modifying corn plants to produce the Bt toxin
c) only allowing dogs to breed if they have good temperaments
d) choosing to plant seeds fro the reddest, juiciest tomatoes

Which of the following is a reason why cells divide?
a) to maintain a surface area large enough to support their cytoplasm
b) to mutate their DNA
c) to increase the volume of their cytoplasm
d) to decrease their amount of RNA

Eukaryotic cells do not reproduce through binary fission. Instead they reproduce through a process called
a) mitosis
b) conjugation
c) meiosis
d) secondary fission

A __________ is a piece of DNA that is transcribed.
a) chromatid
b) centromere
c) gene
d) chromosome

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