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Which phrase best describes an ecosystem?
a) living organisms and nonliving materials interacting in a specific location
b) all the living things in a specific location
c) all the nonliving things in a specific location
d) some nonliving materials passing through a living organism in a specific location

Which statement is best characeristic of an ecosystem?
a) It must have organisms that carry out autotrophic nutrition
b) It is stable because it has consumers to recycle energy
c) It must have producers and consumers, but not decomposers
d) It always has two autrophs occupying the same niche

Which is a biotic factor in the environment of fresh-water fish?
a) the algae growing in the water
b) the mud on the bottom of the pond
c) the temperature of the water
d) the amount of light penetrating the water

Which list includes only abiotic factors?
a) soil, water, air, and sunlight
b) ducks, fish, soil, and water
c) humidity, temperature, rodents, and grasses
d) trees, flowering plants, mosses, and ferns

In ecology, a population is defined as
a) members of a single species inhabiting a given area
b) members of a single species in the biosphere
c) the biotic and abiotic factors
d) members of a given genus inhabiting a given area

All the red foxes inhabiting a given forest constitute a
a) population
b) community
c) biome
d) biosphere

All the plants and animals interacting in a given location nake up a
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) species

Male grizzly bears can maintain territorial control over many square miles. This role as a top predator is known as its
a) niche
b) limiting factor
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

For a producer to maintain itself, which factor must be present in its environment?
a) sunlight
b) carnivores
c) herbivores
d) decomposers

Which contain the most energy?
a) producers
b) primary consumers
c) secondary consumers
d) tertiary consumers

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