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Plants use ____ to create food for themselves
a) sunlight
c) sugar
d) chemicals

A special molecule that supplies energy to cells is called ___.
a) ATP
c) AMP
d) ADP

Energy is released each time a phosphate is _____ from the ATP molecule.
a) added
c) doubled
d) removed

Photosynthesis takes place in the _____ of the plant cell.
a) nucleus
c) chloroplast
d) mitochondria

Chloroplast contain the green pigment called _____.
a) carotein
c) protein
d) chlorophyll

The chlorophyll in the chloroplast _____ sunlight for photosynthesis
a) reflects
c) absorbes
d) intensifies

Oxygen leaves the plants through the _____.
a) stomata
c) stem
d) root hairs

Photosynthesis makes the simple sugar called _____.
a) sucrose
c) ribose
d) glucose

ATP - P = ___ + energy
a) ATP
c) ADP
d) AMP

ADP + P + energy = ___
a) ATP
c) ADP
d) AMP

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