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What is different types of media including text, video, sound, graphics and animations?
a) Multimedia
b) Multimedia Presentations
c) Library
d) Hyperlink

What ensures that the author’s rights of images and sounds used in multimedia products are protected and acknowledged?
a) Fair Use
b) Copyright Law
c) Multimedia
d) Multimedia Presentation

What is applied to text that makes it appear on a slide in increments of one letter, word or section at a time?
a) Balance
b) Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Build Effect

What is a “hot spots” or “jumps” used to locate an external file website or place in the current presentation?
a) Build Effect
b) Slide Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Navigation Buttons

What is a list of options that use hyperlinks to move to other parts of the presentation?
a) Menu
b) Slide Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Build Effect

What is the the visual effect of a slide as it moves on and off the screen during a slide show?
a) Build Effect
b) Navigation Button
c) Hyperlink
d) Transition

What is a computer based, interactive experience that incorporates text, graphics, sound and video?
a) Multimedia
b) Multimedia Presentation
c) Multimedia Elements
d) Multimedia Design

What is a distribution achieved by arranging non-identical elements on both sides of an imaginary center line on the screen?
a) Asymetrical Balance
b) Balance
c) No Balance
d) Interactivity

What is the distribution of optical weight in the layout?
a) Interactivity
b) Asymetrical Balance
c) No Balance
d) Balance

What is the ability of the user to interact with an application?
a) Multimedia Presentation
b) Interactivity
c) Design Elements
d) Non-linear Presentation

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