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What concept was the belief in
a) absolute rule
b) waging war for religious purposes
c) separation of church and state
d) freedom of religion

By the end of the 1600s, what had England's system of government become?
a) an absolute monarchy
b) a military dictatorship
c) a constitutional monarchy
d) a constitutional democracy

What were some of Philip II's accomplishments as king of Spain?
a) He built up the strongest army in the world with 80,000 men.
b) He won territory in the Seven Years' War.
c) He reformed the culture and made Spain a power to be reckoned with.
d) He defended Roman Catholicism and helped stimulate the arts.

Why did Peter the Great build the city of St. Petersburg?
a) He wanted a city named after himself so that he would be remembered.
b) He wanted a city on a seaport that would make it easier to travel to the West.
c) He didn't like Moscow, so he decided to build a new city.
d) He wanted to build a city that was just like the European cities he visited.

What was the Edict of Nantes issued in an effort to do?
a) break the power of the French nobility
b) increase the political power of the Huguenots
c) increase the political power of the French Catholics
d) bring an end to violent religious conflicts in France

Which of the following did the Restoration
a) Parliament
b) the Catholics
c) the monarchy, as an institution
d) the king who had been overthrown in the civil war

What was Peter the Great the first Russian ruler to make an effort to do?
a) westernize Russia
b) reduce the power of the nobles
c) add territory to the Russian state
d) organize and utilize a secret police force

What was the significance of the English Bill of Rights?
a) It established the group of government ministers known as the cabinet.
b) It allowed for the bloodless overthrow of King James II.
c) It made clear the limits of royal power.
d) It restored power to the monarch.

What was one reason Ivan IV was called Ivan the Terrible?
a) He poisoned his wife Anastasia because she was from a boyar family.
b) He organized a police force that murdered people he considered traitors.
c) He made the nobility dependent on him and gave power to the middle class.
d) He was in debt to several countries and had to declare bankruptcy.

The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, meaning
a) Peter the Great.
b) Ivan the Terrible.
c) Michael Romanov.
d) Anastasia Romanov.

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