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Blue-veined cheeses have certain _______________ added during the aging process to create veins.
a) molds
b) chocolate
c) fat
d) margarine

Cheese is a concentrated food high in protein and ______________, so it must be cooked with care.
a) fat
b) cottage
c) molds
d) chocolate

Cottage cheese is an example of fresh cheese.
a) true
b) false
c) ------
d) ------

Which type of milk contains 2 percent fat?
a) low-fat
b) buttermilk
c) nonfat
d) reduced-fat

Soy milk, margarine, and farmer's cheese are all examples of dairy substitutes.
a) true
b) false
c) -----
d) -----

Which type of milk is ideal for people who have difficulty digesting dairy foods?
a) flavored milk
b) kefir
c) lactose-free milk
d) nonfat dry milk

Which is a ripening agent that may be used to make ripened cheese?
a) mold
b) bacteria
c) yeast
d) all of the above

What can result if milk is cooked at too high of a temperature?
a) scorching
b) curdling
c) scorching and/or curdling
d) tempering

Which is not an example of a firm ripened cheese?
a) cheddar
b) parmesan
c) blue cheese
d) swiss

When should you use most dairy products after buying them?
a) within seven to ten days
b) within two weeks
c) within a few days
d) within a few hours

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