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Health experts recommend three cups of dairy products each day.
a) true
b) false
c) -----
d) -----

Ripened cheese is aged.
a) true
b) false
c) -----
d) -----

It is best to refrigerate all dairy foods in original containers.
a) true
b) false
c) -----
d) -----

Nondairy frozen desserts may be made with cooked rice or tofu.
a) true
b) false
c) -----
d) -----

What is the term to describe milk that is heat-treated to kill enzymes and any harmful bacteria?
a) homogenized
b) pasteurized
c) tempered
d) curdled

Which food has more nutrients than a similar amount of milk because its more concentrated?
a) butter
b) frozen yogurt
c) yogurt
d) cream

What happens to the beneficial bacteria in frozen yogurt?
a) Freezing destroys most of it.
b) Freezing preserves it.
c) Cool temperatures encourage it to multiply
d) It feeds off of sugar and multiplies

What forms when cream is whipped?
a) foam
b) curds
c) whey
d) none of the above

How can you reduce the cooking time for cheese?
a) Stop cooking cheese before it melts
b) Grate cheese or cut it into small pieces
c) Heat cheese until just below boiling
d) Microwave cheese

_____________ milk has chocolate or cocoa and sweetener added.
a) margarine
b) fat
c) cottage
d) chocolate

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