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__________ immigrants came through Angel Island.
a) Asian
b) European
c) New York
d) Canadian

____________ immigrants came through Ellis Island.
a) European
b) Asian
c) New York
d) Canadian

Who wrote "The Jungle"?
a) Upton Sinclair
b) Sam Houston
c) George Washington
d) Abe Lincoln

The U.S. moved from an ____________economy to factories.
a) agrarian (farm)
b) industrial
c) factory
d) trash

Ida Tarbell is an example of a _________________.
a) Muckraker
b) liar
c) teacher
d) coach

____________ wanted progress in the country.
a) Progressives
b) workers
c) presidents
d) congress

Ida Tarbell and _____________ are examples of Muckrakers.
a) Upton Sinclair
b) Sam Houston
c) George Washington
d) Teddy Roosevelt

A _____________ is when one person or company owns all of something.
a) monopoly
b) trust-buster
c) trustee
d) act

Ellis Island is in ___________.
a) New York
b) Missouri
c) New Hampshire
d) South Carolina

Angel Island is in _____________.
a) California
b) New York
c) Missouri
d) New Hampshire

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