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Your God-given right to expand is ______________.
a) Manifest Destiny
b) Expansion Document
c) WWI Contract
d) Moving Right

What is the name of the battleship that exploded?
a) U.S.S. Maine
b) U.S.S. Dakota
c) U.S.S.South Carolina
d) U.S.S. Missouri

What journalism is a lie?
a) Yellow Journalism
b) Black Journalism
c) White Journalism
d) Red Journalism

What territory does the United States still control today?
a) Puerto Rico
b) Alaska
c) Hawaii
d) Guam

Like Puerto Rico, the United States also owns ________________.
a) Guam
b) Puerto Rico
c) Alaska
d) Hawaii

U.S. businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian __________.
a) Queen
b) Princess
c) Prince
d) King

Who was President during this time?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) George Washington
c) BIll Clinton
d) Barack Obama

Annexed means ________.
a) add
b) fire
c) let go
d) subtract

Hawaii was annexed as the __________ state.
a) 50th
b) 48th
c) 15th
d) 1st

Who was President after Teddy Roosevelt?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) George Washington
c) Abe Lincoln
d) Woodrow Wilson

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