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These are produced by plants in the process of photosynthesis
a) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen and Sugar(Glucose)
c) Carbon Dioxide and Sugar
d) None of the Above

Photosynthesis uses this energy source to drive the chemical reaction
a) Water
b) CO2
c) Sunlight
d) None of the Above

Process in which cells take in water
a) Diffusion
b) Active Transport
c) Osmosis
d) None of the Above

Why are plants important to life on earth?
a) Plants produce CO2 which mammals breathe
b) Plants produce Oxygen which mammals breathe
c) Plants produce sugar only
d) None of the Above

Which organism is an autotroph?
a) Zebra
b) Dog
c) Cat
d) Pine Tree

What is the part of the plant in which photosynthesis takes place
a) Root
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) None of the Above

What does water combine with to produce glucose and oxygen?
a) O
b) CO2
c) Nitrogen
d) None

Transport in which energy is needed to move materials inside cells
a) Active Transport
b) Passive Transport
c) Diffusion
d) None of the Above

Sugar Produced by plants for energy
a) Glucose
b) CO2
c) Sucrose
d) None

Tiny hole in leaves which take in CO2/Release Oxygen
a) Stomata
b) Chloroplast
c) Leaves
d) Root

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