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How did most Europeans view the Native Americans
a) as savages who needed to be converted
b) as helpful peaceful people
c) as religious people
d) as highly civilized and intelligent

Colonist immigrated to America because they wanted
a) religious and economic freedom
b) to bring back riches to their homeland
c) to travel to new and exotic places
d) to experience hardships

Why was the Mayflower Compact an important document in United States history?
a) It was the first agreement for self-government in America
b) it was a set of rules concerning travels by ship
c) it was an agreement between the Native Americans and colonists
d) it was an agreement to follow England's official religion

Recognizing the need for citizens to exercise responsibility as part of becoming a democracy, what were early Americans willing to do in order to have religious freedom?
a) attend church every Sunday
b) authorize government religions
c) prohibit church leaders from holding public office
d) end the practice of using tax money to support churches

How were Native Americans negatively impacted by their cultural interactions with the English colonies.
a) they learned to speak new words and phrases
b) they intermarried and lost thier cultural identity
c) they were exposed to many new diseases
d) they were able to expand their farming capabilities

How did European explorer, Captain John Smith, help the English colony at Jamestown survive in the early 1600s?
a) He enslaved the Indians, so they would plant crops for the settlers
b) He intiated the compromise that if settlers did not work they did not eat
c) he encouraged conflict with the indians, so settlers could take over their land
d) he cooperated with the Dutch settlers and allowed settlers to trade for supplies.

which of the following features found in homes today was not found in homes during colonial times?
a) windows
b) doors with handles
c) mutiple rooms
d) plumbing

How does the amount of recreation time today compare to the amount of recreation time for the first colonist?
a) Colonist had more recreation time
b) We have more recreation time today
c) The amount of recreation time has not changed
d) there is no time for recreation today, nor was there in colonial times

Which was NOT an area of cooperation between the Native Americans and the Europeans?
a) trade
b) farm tools
c) technology
d) land rights

The voyage of Columbus began which historical period?
a) Age of Exploration
b) Twentieth Century
c) Industrilization
d) Westward Expansion

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