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an addition to a formal document such as the Constitution
a) amendment
b) petition
c) citizen
d) article

a tradition
a) amendment
b) federalism
c) compromise
d) precedent

a period of low economic activity and wide-spread unemployment
a) depression
b) domestic
c) bicameral
d) federalism

of or pertaining to one's own or a particular country as apart from other countries
a) domestic
b) depression
c) ratify
d) constitution

Supporters of the new Constitution
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Neutralists
d) Patriots

The President can check Congress by doing this.
a) vetoing
b) overriding
c) lobbying
d) voting down

The amount the nation's government owes is called this.
a) national loan
b) national debt
c) national plan
d) national credit

What law helped stop the spreading of slavery to the west?
a) Ordinance of 1785
b) Territory Ordinance
c) Northwest Ordinance
d) Morris Plan

In the United States, the final authority is the
a) President.
b) Constitution.
c) Supreme Court.
d) states.

What keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power?
a) voting on a bill
b) executive branch
c) vetoing
d) checks and balances

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