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After the Revolutionary War what 2 crops became the most important ones in Ga.?
a) Cotton and Tobacco
b) Cotton and Rice
c) Rice and Indigo
d) Corn and Wheat

Which of these 2 crops became "King"?
a) Cotton
b) Tobacco
c) Rice
d) Indigo

Who invented the Cotton GIn?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Austin Dabney
c) George Walton
d) Thomas Edison

What did the Cotton Gin do?
a) Separate cotton fiber from its seed
b) Separate cotton bolls from cotton plants
c) Spins cotton into thread
d) Liquifies cotton fiber

How did the cotton gin affect the economy of Georgia?
a) Allowed increase from 6-7 lbs per day to 50 lbs of cotton cleaned per day
b) Helped increase cotton production only a little
c) Encouraged farmers to focus on tobacco, rather than cotton.
d) The cotton gin had no effect on Georgia's economy.

How did the cotton gin lead to an increase in slavery in GA and other southern states?
a) More cotton = bigger fields = need for more workers = more slaves
b) Less cotton = smaller fields = need for fewer workers = less slaves
c) Since farming stopped being an economic option, slaves were not needed
d) Slaves were needed to wash and cook the cotton.

Who invented the mechanical reaper?
a) Cyrus McCormick
b) Sam Walton
c) Eli Whitney
d) Thomas Edison

How did the reaper affect agriculture?
a) Farmers were able to cut 6 times as much grain with the reaper, as by hand.
b) Farmers refused to use the reaper.
c) Farmers were able to cut only a little more grain with the reaper, than by hand.
d) The reaper did not work and was not used at all.

How did railroads help the growth of GA's economy?
a) Railroads enabled farmers to ship goods further, faster and less expensively.
b) Railroads made the shipment of goods slow down and cost more.
c) Railroads had little effect on the growth of GA's economy.
d) Railroads did not cross GA.

Why were railroads important to the growth of the cotton business in GA?
a) Railroads enabled farmers to ship more cotton, more quickly, for less cost.,
b) Railroads forced famers to ship less cotton at a higher cost.
c) Railroads had no effect on the growth of the cotton business in GA,
d) Railroads did not cross GA.

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