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Who ran the War Industries Board?
a) Bernard Baruch
b) George Creel
c) Herbert Hoover
d) Josh Wall ;)

Who ran the CPI (Committee on Public Information) ?
a) Herbert Hoover
b) George Creel
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Bernard Baruch

What was the purpose of the CPI (Committee on Public Information) ?
a) To help African Americans migrate.
b) To keep working conditions sanitary.
c) To keep Public Opinion of the War positive.
d) To get more people to become artists.

What did the Sedition Acts do?
a) Helped Women Suffrage Campaigns
b) Seperate African Americans and Whites at work.
c) Promote integration
d) Punished anyone who spoke out against the military, war or the Constitution.

What was the goal of the Espionage Act?
a) Banned treasonous newspapers, magizines, postcards, etc, from the mail.
b) Increased Freedom of Speech.
c) To make Mr. Wall laugh.
d) Punished anyone who spoke out against the military, war or the Constitution.

What was it called when the African Americans moved from the South to the North?
a) The Spectacular Migration
b) Exodus
c) The Great Migration

Who was the president that shifted the economy from civilian items to war materials?
a) Teddy Roosevelt
b) William Howard Taft
c) Harry Truman
d) Woodrow Wilson

Herbert Hoover was the head of what administration during World War 1?
a) Food Administration
b) Victory Garden Administration
c) African American Administration
d) Freedmans Bureau

What brought death and disease to the war?
a) Cats
b) Bird Influenza
c) Swine Influenza
d) Food Poisoning

What precedent was established from Schneck vs. the United States?
a) Right to a speedy trial
b) Right to appeal
c) The government has the right to limit Freedom of Speech during war
d) Miranda Rights

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