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What was the role of John Ross prior to the Indian Removal?
a) He participated in the Oconee War.
b) He took a petition to Congress protesting the Cherokee removal.
c) He was the Supreme Court Justice for the Worcester V. Georgia case.
d) He created the syllabary.

Who disagreed with the governor of Georgia about his removal policy for the Cherokee?
a) the military
b) the president
c) the gold miners
d) the judicial branch

Which of the following led to the removal of the Cherokee from North Georgia?
a) Gold was discovered on the Cherokee's land.
b) William McIntosh signed a treaty giving up all Cherokee land.
c) The Cherokee were found to have obtained the land illegally.
d) The Cherokee had sided with the French in a earlier war.

The intent of the Indian Removal Act was to;
a) destroy the Native American way of life.
b) remove the Native Americans to reservations in the East
c) help the Native Americans buy land east of the Mississippi River.
d) remove the Native Americans from the eastern U.S.

What president signed the Indian Removal Act into law?
a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Andrew Jackson

Why did the population increase in Dahlonega prior to the Trail of Tears?
a) The area was good for farming.
b) Gold was discovered.
c) It was a major railroad crossroads.
d) Dahlonega was frequented by famous Americans

What Cherokee Indian created the syllabary, the Cherokee alphabet?
a) Alexander McGillivray
b) John Ross
c) Sequoyah
d) William McIntosh

What Creek chief was murdered by his own people for giving up the remaining Creek land in Georgia?
a) William McIntosh
b) Sequoyah
c) Alexander McGillivray
d) John Ross

What Creek chief was involved in the Oconee War?
a) Sequoyah
b) Alexander McGillivray
c) William McIntosh
d) John Ross

The result of the Indian Removal Act was called the;
a) Trail to Oklahoma
b) Trail of Death
c) Trail of Tears
d) Oregon Trail

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