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Colonists loyal the King George were called;
a) Loyalists
b) Whigs
c) Patriots
d) Royalists

Where did the first colonial victory in Georgia during the American Revolution occur?
a) Sunbury
b) Kettle Creek
c) Louisville
d) Savannah

What did the patriots of Georgia gain from the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) Territory taken by the British
b) Lord Cornwallis, the British commander of the Southern Campaign, was captured.
c) Badly need supplies.
d) This ended the Southern British campaign.

What role did Elijah Clarke play at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) He was a soldier who was wounded at the battle.
b) He was the leader of the Georgia militia.
c) He fired the first shot of the battle
d) He was captured by the loyalists.

Why did Austin Dabney receive land after the American Revolution?
a) He received land through the land lottery.
b) He was wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek.
c) As payment for his service in the American Revolution.
d) He was a hero at the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Which Georgia county is named after a woman who was a heroine of the Revolutionary War?
a) Hart County
b) Haralson County
c) Harris County
d) Hall County

What three Georgians signed the Declaration of Independence?
a) Hall, Hart, and Gwinnett
b) Walton, Hall, and Gwinnett
c) Hall, Few, and Gwinnett
d) Hall, Baldwin, and Few

Where did the Georgia colonists lose during the American Revolution occur?
a) Kettle Creek
b) Savannah
c) Sunbury
d) Louisville

Who was the black soldier that was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) Crispus Attucks
b) Fredrick Douglas
c) Austin Dabney
d) Alonzo Herndon

Who was the female Georgia patriot famous for capturing and killing a group of Tories during the revolution?
a) Nancy Hart
b) Molly Pitcher
c) Rebecca Felton
d) Mary Musgrove

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