Vocabulary Lessons 1-5 Question Preview (ID: 1139)

Mixture Of Words From Lessons 1-5. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

an exit
a) getaway
b) commotion
c) slovenly
d) mandtory

a) severe
b) haggard
c) lowkey
d) lenient

a) lenient
b) factual
c) repel
d) surmise

a) commotion
b) suppress
c) knowhow
d) repel

does not allow light through
a) opaque
b) petition
c) lowkey
d) open-ended

a) consolidate
b) repel
c) entice
d) congenial

a) suppress
b) surmise
c) severe
d) slovenly

energy from the sun
a) solar energy
b) paramount
c) valiant
d) labyrinth

a) entice
b) open-ended
c) repel
d) surge

messy & dirty
a) slovenly
b) gregarious
c) pacify
d) glum

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