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Smoke mixes with rain and makes which is harmful to plants and animals.
a) acid rain
b) snow
c) fog
d) sleet

A group of workers who push for better conditions
a) power plant
b) tributary
c) labor union
d) delta

The source of the Nile River is near
a) Lake Victoria
b) Carlyle Lake
c) Lake Michigan
d) Lake Itasca

This is a wall built across a river
a) basin
b) dam
c) mouth
d) source

These supply about one fifth of our country's electricity
a) batteries
b) railroads
c) power plants
d) winds

All the land that is drained by a river and its tributaries is a
a) port
b) river basin
c) mouth
d) delta

The number of days in a year when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow
a) holiday season
b) 15
c) summer
d) growing season

The business of growing crops and raising animals
a) industry
b) technology
c) labor union
d) agriculture

The land formed by the soil a river deposits as it flows into the sea
a) delta
b) port
c) source
d) tributary

All the businesses that make one kind of goods or provide one kind of service
a) technology
b) town
c) industry
d) agriculture

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