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The telephone poles moved back and forth in the earthquake.
a) The telephone poles moved wildly during the earthquake.
b) The telephone poles shook from side to side in the earthquake.
c) In the earthquake, the telephone poles moved back and forth.
d) The telephone poles swayed wildly during the earthquake.

The computer froze and died.
a) The computer broke down after stopping.
b) After freezing, the computer died.
c) The computer gave a last blue gasp and went to cyber heaven.
d) The computer expired after stopping.

The smoke went up into the air slowly.
a) The smoke drowsily swirled upward into the air.
b) The smoke slowly went up into the air.
c) The smoke gently went up into the air.
d) The smoke swirled slowly into the air.

The police followed the criminals very closely.
a) The police went after the criminals.
b) The police fiercely pursued the criminals.
c) The police pursued the criminals.
d) The police were very close following the criminals.

The architect finished the PLAN and it was sent to the builder and client for final approval.
a) plot
b) system
c) response
d) design

The chair's upholstery was OLD, and it tore when KYLE sat to watch the game.
a) experienced
b) mature
c) worn
d) modern

the new key was BAD and broke off in the lock when Antonio used it the first time.
a) defective
b) tasteless
c) disgusting
d) unpleasant

The lawyer asked us for all of the important STUFF that we had signed.
a) objects
b) pieces
c) things
d) documents

The car's oil is a THING that must be changed regularly to insure that the engine runs properly.
a) part
b) fluid
c) object
d) focus

Fear is a THING that most firefighters learn to overcome quickly in their training.
a) object
b) item
c) feeling
d) characteristic

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