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I divide the body into Superior and Inferior Sections. Who am I?
a) Coronal Plane
b) Air Plane
c) Lateral Plane
d) Transverse Plane

I Divide the body into Right Halves. Who am I?
a) Transverse Plane
b) Frontal Plane
c) Lateral Plane
d) Jet Plane

I am the very center of the Body Regions. Who am I?
a) Epigastric Region
b) Umbilical Region
c) Hypogastric Region
d) Iliac Region

Pain in me could be a medical emergency. Who am I?
a) RUQ
b) LLQ
c) LUQ
d) RLQ

I divide the body into anterior and posterior sections. Who am I?
a) Coronal Plane
b) Transverse Plane
c) Lateral Plane
d) Bi-Plane

I am the number of body regions. Who am I?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 9
d) 12

My sections are the RUQ,LUQ, RLQ and LLQ. Who am I?
a) Brain
b) Body Planes
c) Body Regions
d) Body Quadrants

I am the natural body Position. Who am I?
a) Anatomical Position
b) Lithotomy Position
c) Sitting Position
d) Lying down Position

I am closest to the point of origin. Who am I?
a) Proximal
b) Distal
c) Lateral
d) Inferior

I am toward the small of the back. Who am I?
a) Posterior
b) Superior
c) Caudal
d) Inferior

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