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Why did Britain impose the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts on the colonists?
a) The king wanted colonists to return to Britain
b) Britain needed money
c) Britain thought colonists were too wealthy
d) Britain wanted to give money to the colonists to expand their cities

What was the effect of British taxation on the colonies as a whole?
a) They started to unite as Americans
b) They became more divided
c) Many paid for British support
d) Many colonists returned to Britain

In reaction to the Stamp Act, a group of colonists formed the
a) Sons of Liberty
b) Sons of Patriots
c) Females for Freedom
d) Daughters of the American Revolution

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence?
a) train express riders
b) share news among colonies
c) keep in touch with Britain
d) unite the colonies in friendship

What happened as a result of the Boston Tea Party?
a) Committee of Correspondence was formed
b) The Boston Massacre took place
c) The Tea Act was passed
d) The British punished Boston with the Intolerable Acts

Which of the following was NOT one of the Intolerable Acts?
a) The colonists had to pay a tax on British imports.
b) The colonists had to feed and house British soldiers.
c) The port of Boston was closed.
d) Massachusetts was put under the control of a British general.

Who offered to lead men in battle fort the relief of Boston?
a) Paul Revere
b) Hugh White
c) Crispus Attucks
d) George Washington

Which Patriot warned of the British attack?
a) Paul Revere
b) John Adams
c) BJohn Hancock
d) George Washington

Which even took place first?
a) Battle of Concord
b) Battle of Lexington
c) British retreat to Boston
d) Paul Revere is captured

Which battle began with
a) Bunker Hill
b) Breed's Hill
c) Lexington
d) Concord

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