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Which of the following pHs would be considered an acid?
a) 3
b) 7
c) 8
d) 12

Tomatoes have a pH of 4 and lemons have a pH of 2. Which is a stronger acid?
a) Lemons
b) Tomatoes
c) Both of bases
d) there is not enough information to answer this question

If blue litmus stays blue, what does that tell you?
a) The item could be a base or neutral (more testing is needed)
b) The item as to be a base
c) The item is an acid
d) The item is neutral

What are two common indicators
a) pH and litmus paper
b) pH paper and red dye
c) Litmus paper and OH paper
d) pH paper and milk

Ammonia has a pH of 11.5. Which best describes it?
a) strong base
b) strong acid
c) weak acid
d) weak base

What is the range of the pH scale?
a) 0-14
b) 0-7
c) 7-14
d) 1-10

Which of the following would be the stongest base?
a) pH of 13
b) pH of 10
c) pH of 4
d) pH of 2

Which of the following would be the strongest acid?
a) pH of 2
b) pH of 13
c) pH of 4
d) pH of 10

What is the pH of pure water
a) 7
b) 2
c) 13
d) There is not enough information

If red litmus stays red and blue litmus turns red in a substance, what can you conclude?
a) The substance is an acid
b) The substance is a base
c) The substance is neutral
d) There isn't enough information

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