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Which ecoregion of Texas would most likely be affected by wind erosion?
a) East Texas Piney Woods
b) Rolling Plains
c) Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes
d) Blackland Prairies

Which of the following equipment sets can be used to analyze the effect of human activity on a watershed?
a) water test kit, triple beam balance
b) hot plate, beaker, graduated cylinder
c) water test kit, beaker, hot plate
d) water test kit, hand lens, notebook

Palo Duro Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Texas) has steep walls and deep caves. These were most likely carved by
a) years of prevailing winds from the Rocky Mountains
b) continuous, intense rainfall over long periods of time
c) water erosion from a fork of the Red River
d) deforestation by early settlers

Which is not an example of mechanical weathering?
a) Ice wedging
b) Biotic
c) Exfoliation
d) Carbonation

Texas can be divided into geographically similar areas defined by climate/animal/plant species. These sections of land are called
a) counties
b) ecoregions
c) ecosystems
d) substates

Ground water contamination/pollution, in most states, most likely originates from
a) human waste
b) radioactive substances
c) fertilizer
d) oil spills

What is the measure of the amount/size of pore space within earth materials (soil, clay, gravel, rock)
a) Porosity
b) Recharge zone
c) Ground water
d) Water cycle

Which is a major contributing factor to the water cycle?
a) Gravity
b) Moon
c) Sun
d) Waves

What is a natural, underground area where large amounts of ground water fill the spaces between rocks and sediments?
a) Percolation
b) Recharge zone
c) Watershed
d) Aquifer

Which is not an example of surface water?
a) Ocean
b) Creek
c) Pond
d) Rain

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