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How did the people of Sumer benefit from the creation of irrigation systems?
a) They kept water away from neighboring towns.
b) They created waterfalls so they had water power.
c) They could make ponds where they could wash clothes.
d) They could control the amount of water in the valley.

List the four empires of Mesopotamia in the correct order.
a) Babylonian, Neo-Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian
b) Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian
c) Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Neo-Babylonian
d) Assyrian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Neo-Babylonian

What contribution did Hammurabi make that impacted world history?
a) his system of roads
b) his postal service
c) the Hanging Gardens
d) his code of laws

What was different about living in Neolithic times compared to Paleolithic times?
a) In Paleolithic times, people lived in large communities and moved frequently.
b) In Paleolithic times, people developed special skills such as weaving and farming.
c) In Paleolithic times, people lived in permanent structures made of mud bricks.
d) In Paleolithic times, people spent most of their time finding enough food to live.

Which of the following shows that Sumerians were not prehistoric?
a) written laws
b) statues
c) ziggurats
d) irrigation ditches

Why did people live in larger communities during the Neolithic age than in earlier times?
a) They created better ways of getting along with people.
b) They could grow enough food to support more people.
c) They could trade their crops with other groups.
d) They needed more people for hunting and gathering.

Each of the four Mesopotamian empires had a common problem. What was it?
a) It was difficult to honor their gods properly.
b) It was difficult to control such a large area.
c) They could not unite to become wealthy.
d) They could not conquer other empires.

Why did Nebuchadrezzar build an inner wall and an outer wall, along with towers for archers and a moat filled with water?
a) He was afraid his army might turn against him.
b) He watned to isolate his people from outsiders.
c) He didn't want farmers to come into the city.
d) He wanted to protect the city from attacks.

what is one problem the city-states of Sumer faced by remaining independent?
a) They were unable to trade their crops with smaller groups.
b) They had to spend a lot of time conquering other groups.
c) They were unable to defend themselves against stronger groups.
d) They had to get most of what they needed from larger groups.

Which of these is not a characteristic of a civilization?
a) writing
b) technology
c) jobs
d) stable food supply

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