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Which of the following is most associated with acids?
a) hydrogen ions
b) hydrohydroxide ions
c) nitrogen ions
d) hydroxide ions

Which of the following is a characteristic of bases?
a) Bitter
b) turns red litmus red
c) Releases hydrogen ion
d) Sour

What happens to red litmus when in a presence of an acid?
a) it stays red
b) it causes a reaction
c) it turns purple
d) it turns blue

What happens to blue litmus when in the presence of an acid?
a) it turns red
b) it turns yellow
c) it turns pink
d) it stays blue

What is something that is neither an acid or a based called?
a) neutral
b) acidic
c) alkaline
d) basic

Which of the following is not an acid?
a) Soap
b) tomato sauce
c) vinegar
d) lemon juice

A characterisitic of acids is that it is corrosive. Which best defines corrosive?
a) eats away at metal
b) conducts electricity
c) feels slippery
d) tastes bitter

Which of the following is a characteristic of acids?
a) Tastes sour
b) Turns litmus blue
c) Tastes bitter
d) Feels slippery

Which of the following is most associated with bases?
a) Hydroxide ions
b) Hydrogen ion
c) Nitrogen ions
d) The

What happens when an acid is combined with a base?
a) Neutralization reaction
b) Strong acid forms
c) Strong base forms
d) Nothing happens

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