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Yucky! Ocean water is so nasty! I NEVER WANT TO DRINK IT AGAIN.
a) salinity
b) chemosynthesis
c) marine
d) desalination

Just like plants, many ocean organisms know how to feed themselves.
a) salinity
b) chemosynthesis
c) marine
d) desalination

How would Sonar technology most likely be used in the ocean?
a) to measure its depth
b) to find its water temperature
c) to measure the ph levels of ocean waters
d) to find the ocean's dissolved oxygen content

How can the atmosphere be considered a part of the hydrosphere?
a) It is a source of water.
b) it blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun.
c) it contains the oxygen necessary for life on Earth.
d) it traps pollutants that would otherwise harm the Earth

Which best explains the importance of dissolved gases in the oceans?
a) They help control pollution
b) They help provide oxygen for aquatic animals
c) They help maintain a constant water temperature
d) They help maintain constant levels of salinity

Which statement best explains the reason some insects can walk across the surface of a lake
a) water is a polar molecule and its adhesiveness causes good capillary action.
b) water is a non-polar molecule, and its cohesiveness causes good capillary action.
c) Water is a polar molecule and its cohesiveness causes high surface tension
d) Water is a non-polar molecule, and its high adhesiveness provides high surface tension

What does the hardness of water indicate?
a) high levels of calcium and magnesium
b) low levels of calcium and magnesium
c) increased pressure in pipelines to faucets
d) decreased pressure in pipelines to faucets

Which of the following factors is most important in determining the organisms that live in different areas of the ocean?
a) currents
b) tides
c) sediments
d) sunlight

Which of the following substances will get the hottest after reaching its specific heat?
a) lead
b) iron
c) glass
d) ice

Where is the majority of Earth's freshwater located?
a) clouds
b) Pacific Ocean
c) polar ice caps
d) rivers

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