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What are remains of past life found in sedimentary rocks called?
a) paleontologists
b) fossils
c) casts
d) continental drift

Earth\\\'s 20 ________________ fit together like a jigsaw.
a) continents
b) forks
c) landforms
d) plates

225 million years ago, the Earth\\\'s continents formed a supercontinent called__________________.
a) Laurasia
b) Gondwana
c) Pangea
d) Eurasia

Put the layers of the earth in order from the top level to the center.
a) core, crust, mantle
b) mantle, core, crust
c) crust, mantle, core
d) mantle, crust, core

A mudslide is an example of__________________________.
a) mass movement
b) a landform
c) weathering
d) sinkholes

Put the processes in the order that they occur
a) deposition, weathering, erosion,
b) erosion, weathering, deposition
c) weathering, erosion, deposition

moving away from each other
a) This is most likely a convergent boundary
b) This is most likely adivergent boundary
c) This is most likely atransform boundary
d) This is most likely a fault line

An example of a landform is...
a) a mountain
b) a hurricane
c) rain
d) erosion

Weathering is.....
a) Snow, sleet, rain, or hail
b) moving sediment
c) a physical feature, such as a volcano
d) Process of breaking rocks into sediment

What is a sudden release in energy caused by plates colliding or slipping past one another?
a) earthquake
b) mass movement
c) flood
d) landslide

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