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What are Upton Sinclair and Lincoln Steffens known for doing?
a) exposing corruption in business or government
b) serving as mayors of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia
c) founding progressive organizations in the late 1800s
d) forming alliances that helped farmers with their credit problems

What is a muckraker?
a) a gossip columnist intent on finding the flaws in presidents
b) a farmer able to raise crops despite the difficulties in obtaining credit
c) an investigative journalist who wanted to uncover the truth about corruption
d) a crime boss able to take advantage of others by rigging government contracts

Who helped immigrants and others cope with the challenges of life in the city while also lining their own pockets with bribes?
a) President Taft
b) The Republican Party
c) The Democratic Party
d) political machines

Which was one of the goals for some advocates of the progressive movement?
a) conservatism
b) establishment of a national bank
c) deregulation of businesses
d) building a settlement on the moon

Which president advocated a
a) William McKinley
b) William Howard Taft
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Woodrow Wilson

Which was one successful reform of the progressive movement?
a) elimination of recall elections
b) conservation zones within cities
c) direct election of US senators
d) election of mayors instead of hiring city managers

What was Robert LaFollette's
a) progressive reform to establish ethical government on a state level
b) a movement toward religious salvation that involved performing good works
c) business practices that earned excellent returns without corruption
d) a successful professional sports movement at the end of the nineteenth century

Which of the following is one of the positions that would be supported by social Darwinism?
a) Government should regulate big businesses.
b) Government should not support programs designed to promote social or economic equality.
c) Government should take any action necessary to alleviate poverty.
d) Competition for wealth is bad for the economy and should be made illegal.

Which of the following would most likely support ideals which included alleviating poverty, regulating big businesses, and enacting worker protection?
a) naturalism
b) Social Darwinism
c) nativism
d) The Social Gospel

What progressive organization had a goal of providing food and shelter to the slum-dwelling poor?
a) The Social Gospel
b) The Sheldon Steps
c) The Salvation Army
d) The Booth Believers

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