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Traits passed from parent to offspring
a) genes
b) recessive traits
c) learned traits
d) inherited traits

Chromosomes are made up of message units called ____________.
a) dominant traits
b) traits
c) genetic engineering
d) genes

The ability to play an instrument is a ____________.
a) genetic engineering
b) learned trait
c) inherired trait
d) incomplete dominance

The trait that is expressed is the __________ trait.
a) dominant
b) learned
c) inherited
d) recessive

The process of altering genes is called______________.
a) dominant trait
b) incomplete dominance
c) genetic engineering
d) genes

Two different dominant genes for a trait will result in __________.
a) incomplete dominance
b) recessiveness
c) dominant traits
d) inherited traits

Which mother/father gene combination could result in a child with blue eyes (blue is the recessive trait) ?
a) Bb and BB
b) Bb and Bb
c) BB and Bb
d) BB and BB

If a mother has both dominant genes for tongue rolling (TT) and the father cannot roll his tongue- what are the chances that their child will be able to roll their tongue?
a) 100%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 75%

A red flower plant and a white flower plant cross and produce a pink flower plant. What does this represent?
a) mutation
b) dominance
c) incomplete dominance
d) recessiveness

The trait that is masked by another trait.
a) recessive trait
b) inherited trait
c) learned trait
d) dominant trait

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