A-2 Animal Growth And Adaptations Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 1134)

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Which of these would an animal want to have in order to swim well?
a) A sharp claw
b) a hoof
c) a paw
d) a webbed foot

Which animal goes through metamorphosis?
a) a butterfly
b) a dolphin
c) a bird
d) an elephant

Which of the following is a mammal?
a) a bird
b) a fish
c) a buttefly
d) a tiger

Why might an animal not survive if it is moved out of its natural environment?
a) The animal might get lonely at its new home.
b) The animal might walk around its new home and then get lost.
c) The animal will miss its family.
d) The animal's adaptations for its old environment may harm the animal in its new environment.

What is the main difference between metamorphosis and baby mammals?
a) Baby mammals are cuter than animals that go through metamorphosis.
b) Baby mammals can fly; animals that go through metamorphosis cannot fly.
c) Animals that go through metamorphosis go through big changes in form. Baby mammals look like their parents.
d) Baby mammals look very different from their parents, while metamorphosis babies look like their parents.

When you make an observation, you are using
a) the five senses
b) only your ears
c) your ears and your eyes
d) your feet

When you infer, you use
a) your eyes to see
b) your ears to hear
c) your hand to feel
d) your brain to come to a conclusion based on what you observed

When a predator comes near, an animal will seek
a) food and water
b) climate
c) oxygen
d) shelter

Which of the following is NOT an example of a learned behavior?
a) Chimps communicating through noises
b) A mother tiger teaching her tiger cubs how to hunt
c) Chimps building a leafy nest to sleep in
d) The Atlantic sea turtle migration

Which of the following is NOT an example of an instinct?
a) A Pacific salmon swimming back to the river or stream in which it was born to lay eggs
b) A ground squirrel hibernating
c) A Monarch Butterfly flying south to Mexico in the winter, and back to our area in the spring
d) A tiger mother teaching her tiger cubs how to hunt

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