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Which of the following is the best example of a physical adaptation?
a) A horse being large and strong
b) Birds migration
c) Bears hibernation
d) Salmon swimming upstream

Which of the following is a good physical adaptation
a) Birds migration
b) Large claws
c) Aggressive behavior in animals
d) Burrowing to cool off

Which of the following best describes an adaptation
a) An adaptation is a change in the body to fit a location
b) A change in the behavior to fit a location
c) Physical and behavioral characteristics that increase the chance of survival
d) A location changes your body or behavior

A clydesdale is a large horse will long hair. Based on this which environment does a Clydesdale live in?
a) The city
b) The jungle
c) The tundra
d) The desert

Cockroaches are hard to kill, eat anything, and can hide easily. Where are they best adapted to?
a) The jungle
b) The desert
c) A house or city environment
d) The tundra

How do new adaptations happen?
a) Animals get used to their environment
b) Organisms must be born in a generation with a helpful trait
c) Organisms must learn about their environment
d) Organisms must change themselves to fit their environment

Why do adaptations take so long?
a) Organisms must wait for a new generation with that adaptation
b) Organisms must wait for others to learn
c) Organisms must wait for others to get used to the environment
d) All of the above

Why are dichtomous keys helpful?
a) They help to identify potentially dangerous organisms
b) They help you to understand more about the world and be more responsible
c) A and B
d) None of the above

How many choices does a dichotomous key have in each question?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Which of the following best describes adaptations
a) Getting used to your environment
b) Behavioral characteristics that help organisms survive
c) Physical characteristics that help organisms survive
d) Both physical and behavioral characteristics that help increase survival

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