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The customers you would most like to attract are your
a) competition
b) market segments
c) target customers
d) demographics

Demographic examples are data that describe a group of people in terms of their
a) income
b) tastes
c) opinions
d) needs

Psychographic examples are data that describe a group of people in terms of their
a) income
b) age
c) opinions
d) needs

A description of the characteristics of the person or company that is likely to purchase a product or service is
a) target market
b) customer profile
c) psychographic profile
d) demographic summary

When you gather information for market research, you will use
a) only secondary data
b) both primary and secondary data
c) three kinds of surveys
d) the least expensive method

Secondary data is found
a) in government publication
b) on the internet
c) in newspapers
d) all of these

Which of the following is not a way to collect primary data?
a) focus groups
b) consensus
c) surveys
d) observation

The data collected in a telephone survey are
a) secondary data
b) primary data
c) population data
d) computer data

Which of the following is not a step in primary market research?
a) select a research method
b) collect data
c) analyze the question
d) draw conclusions

Secondary data sources can provide
a) information about focus groups
b) customer profiles
c) demographic and psychographic data
d) sample survey formats

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