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Is a solution also a mixture?
a) Yes, because a solution is a special type of mixture
b) Can't tell
c) Maybe
d) No, a solution is not a mixture

Which one is a solution?
a) Ice tea
b) Gravel and water
c) Cereal
d) Powder and water

How would you dilute a solution?
a) Add more powder
b) Add more water
c) Add more salt
d) Add more citric acid

When equal volumes of two solutions are weighed on the balance, which one is more concentrated?
a) One weighs less
b) One weighs more or heavier
c) You can\'t find out
d) They are equal

The amount of material dissolved in a measure of liquid
a) Volume
b) Concentration
c) Dilute
d) Solution

If we increase the amount of solute in a solution , but do not add any additional water. What will happen to the concentration?
a) The concentration will go up.
b) The concentration will go down.
c) The concentration will stay the same.

To make a solution less concentrated, usually by adding more liquid
a) Dilute
b) Solution
c) Concentration
d) Volume

Before using the balance to measure concentrations we need to make sure we have equal
a) grams
b) kool-aid
c) salt
d) volumes

The liquid part of the solution
a) soda
b) solvent
c) solute
d) salt

The solid that gets dissolved when put into a solution
a) solute
b) solvent
c) soda
d) water

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