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Which word is most similar to cease?
a) stall
b) work
c) begin
d) continue

What are you most likely to see in a desert?
a) sand and waves
b) cactus and sand
c) trees and grass
d) mountains and valleys

Which is considered to be dense?
a) a person with long straight hair
b) light fluffy whipped cream
c) a balloon filled with helium
d) a long thick chapter book with small writing

Which of the following would be most expensive?
a) sandwich
b) doll
c) house
d) jacket

Which would you descend down into?
a) a long narrow path
b) the deep end of the pool
c) the staircae to the second floor
d) your bed at night

Who would you most likely have as a guest?
a) a horse
b) your enemy
c) your doctor
d) your grandparents

For which activity would you need a racket?
a) tennis
b) soccer
c) basketball
d) foorball

Which word could describe an appology when you really mean it?
a) genuine
b) fake
c) sorry
d) guilty

Which word descibes what you did when you didn't know the answer?
a) guest
b) guessed
c) lied
d) studied

Which of the following is considered vast?
a) car
b) classroom
c) ocean
d) child

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