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How did the first people probably get to North America?
a) large sailing ships
b) horseback
c) over glaciers
d) crossing the Bering Strait Land Bridge on foot or boats along shore

Why did the first people travel to North America?
a) gold
b) followed mastodons and other animals
c) soil for farming
d) all the above

What crop was not and important crop of the first farmers?
a) corn
b) sunflowers
c) squash
d) beans

Algonquian traveled all theses ways EXCEPT
a) on foot carrying canoes
b) horse drawn carriages
c) in birch wood canoes
d) along trails in woods

Why did Algonquian move into woods during winter?
a) forest was warmer
b) they were forced to be other tribes
c) best time to hunt
d) All the above

During the Harvest moon what was the Algonquians role?
a) plant crops
b) pick crops
c) scare away birds
d) clear the land

Why did Iroquois form the Iroquois League?
a) to live in peace
b) to hunt more animals
c) improve farming
d) explorers were taking their land

Algonquins main shelter was called this.
a) longhouse
b) wigwam
c) teepee
d) lean to

The roles of women in the Iroquois including all of the following except this
a) picking crops and gathering food
b) taking care of the home and children
c) picking a leader called the sachem
d) hunting for food for the children

The formation of the Iroquois League helped in all ways EXCEPT this
a) it lead to more trade with all the tribes
b) they had peace among the nation
c) they became the strongest native american group in the region
d) food became a shortage among the tribes

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