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What is the name of the outer region of the Kidney?
a) Medulla
b) Distal
c) Capsule
d) Pelvis

What structure surrounds the glomerulus?
a) Proximinal Tube
b) Pelvis
c) Medulla
d) Bowman's Capsule

What structure is located after the Bowman's Capsule?
a) Proximinal Tube
b) Loop of Henle
c) Collecting Duct
d) Renal Vein

What substances leaves the nephron in the descending loop of henle?
a) salt
b) nutrients
c) water
d) blood

What substance leaves the nephron in the ascending loop of henle?
a) glucose
b) salts
c) blood
d) nothing

Where does the urine go after it enters the Ureter?
a) Heart
b) Blood
c) Toilet
d) Bladder

What is the name of the fluids that enter the nephron?
a) Pee
b) Urine
c) Filtrate
d) Blood

What is the name of the toixic substance found in Urine
a) Urea
b) Water
c) Glucose
d) Salt

Where is urine stored in the body?
a) Liver
b) Kidney
c) Pancreas
d) Bladder

How many nephrons are in a single kidney?
a) 2 million
b) 1 million
c) 100 thousand
d) 5 million

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