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What is the volume of a box that measures 3 meters x 2 meters x 1 meter?
a) 2 cubic meters
b) 6 cubic meters
c) 5 cubic meters
d) 4 cubic meters

How many milligrams equal one gram?
a) 1000
b) 1
c) 10
d) 100

This ALWAYS results in a different substance
a) physical change
b) pocket change
c) no change at all
d) chemical change

Which of the following is an example of making a solution suspension?
a) making Kool-aid
b) combining pudding mix and milk
c) putting ice cubes in water
d) combining ketchup and mustard

Why do scientists use agreed-on units of measurement
a) to be accurate
b) they learned them in school
c) because you have to if you are a scientist
d) they do not use agreed-on units

If you want to find the volume of an irregular object, such as a rock, you could use a
a) thermometer
b) meter stick
c) graduated cylinder
d) scale

Which one is NOT a physical change
a) boiling water
b) making Kool-aid
c) painting a wall
d) burning leaves

Which one is NOT a chemical change
a) digesting food
b) boiling water
c) a car rusting
d) burning leaves

A change in the type of matter is a
a) change of clothes
b) physical change
c) pocket change
d) chemical change

A change in the physical properties of an object is a
a) change of clothes
b) physical change
c) pocket change
d) chemical change

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