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Which charecteristic wouldbest indicate that a rock was formed from sediments deposited in shallow water near the shore rather than in deep water?
a) hardness
b) large amount of cement
c) large grain size
d) dark color

which characteristic provides the best evidence about the environment a rock formed in
a) color
b) thickness
c) texture
d) size

How do metamorphic rocks schist and quartzite differ?
a) quartzite contains quartz and schist does not
b) schist is foliated and quartzite is not
c) schist is organic
d) quartzite forms from regional metamorphism

Sediments form from
a) magma cooling
b) igneous intrusions
c) weathering and erosion
d) compaction and cementation

Which property best associates with regionalmetamorphism
a) gas pockets
b) coarse texture
c) fine texture
d) banding

rocks are classified as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic based on
a) texture
b) mineral composition
c) origin
d) grain size

If limestone is touched by an igneous intrusion what would likely form
a) slate
b) gneiss
c) obsidian
d) marble

where is metamorphic rock frequently found?
a) on mountaintops
b) along the interface between bedrock and igneous intrusions
c) as a thin layer covering the continents
d) within large lava flows

At what point would metamorphic rock most likely be found?
a) Directly next to an igneous intrusion
b) in a waterfall
c) in a lava flow
d) far away from an igneous intrusion

How does regional metamorphism take place
a) igneous intrusion
b) weatered and eroded rock
c) melted and solidified magma
d) crustal plate collision

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