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On p. 34 of your text, the image shows a ___________ concentration of oxygen outside of the cell, therefore oxygen moves ________ the cell
a) low, into
b) high, into
c) high, out of
d) low, out of

In figure 24A on p. 35, the picture shows that water will move
a) out of the cell
b) into the cell
c) both out of and into the cell at an even rate
d) none of the above

The example on p. 34 is an example of _________________
a) Diffusion
b) Osmosis
c) Passive transport
d) both choice diffusion and passive transport

On p. 35, figure 24B shows water moving out of the cell, which answer best explains the reason why?
a) the concentration of water is greater inside the cell
b) the concentration of a solute is greater outside the cell
c) the concentration of water is less outside the cell
d) all of the above

On p. 35, figure 24C water moves into the cell because
a) the concentration of water is high outside the cell
b) the concentration of water is low outside the cell
c) the concentration of solute is low inside the cell
d) all of the above

Diffusion is an example of how molecules move _________ a concentration gradient.
a) up
b) down
c) around
d) none of the above

On p. 36, the purple molecules represent________
a) transport proteins
b) oxygen
c) ribosomes
d) glucose

Which method of active transport is being illustrated on p. 36?
a) diffusion
b) primary active using a protein pump
c) exocytosis
d) endocytosis

Once the particle is engulfed by endocytosis, a _____________ is formed within the cell
a) vacuole
b) lysosome
c) ribosome
d) none of the above

Three substances that are carried into and out of a cell through a transport protein pump are___
a) oxygen calcium and sodium
b) carbon dioxide, calcium and sodium
c) calcium, potassium and sodium
d) water, oxygen and carbon dioxide

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