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This Emperor was responsible for building the Great Wall
a) Mao ZeDong
b) Emperor Chin
c) Emperor Dowager
d) Sun Yat Sen

The Forbidden City is found in
a) Shanghai
b) Lhasa
c) Beijing
d) Hong Kong

Which philosophy does not influence most people in China
a) Buddahism
b) Hinduism
c) Taoism
d) Confucianism

Confucius was a
a) King
b) Teacher
c) Author
d) Priest

Which of the following is not one of the Four Noble Truths
a) Follow the 8 Fold Path
b) Life is full of suffering
c) Desire causes suffering
d) Suffering will never end

In traditional Chinese society, marriage was
a) arranged by parents
b) a romantic affair between young men and women
c) arranged by village elders
d) arranged by clan leaders

Filial Piety can best be defined as
a) training for competitive exams
b) respect for elders
c) devotion to family
d) the obligations of the emperor towards his subjects

Buddhism was imported into China from
a) India
b) Southeast Asia
c) Japan
d) Tibet

This desert stretches across northern China
a) Thar
b) Chocolate Sundae
c) Gobi
d) Sahara

This man followed Mao Zedong as leader of China
a) Zhou Enlai
b) Chaing Kai-shek
c) Yuan Shi-kai
d) Deng Xiaoping

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