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The official language dialect used in China today is
a) Cantonese
b) Mandarin
c) Manchu
d) Han

Sun Yat-sen was well known for
a) organizing the Communists
b) his part in the Opium War
c) organizing the Nationalist Party
d) his treaty with Japan

The Kuomintang was
a) a secret society that started the Boxer Rebellion
b) a form of submissive bowing by European statesmen
c) the language of the Chinese
d) another name for the Nationalist Party

The Chinese Communist leader who defeated the Nationalists was
a) Chaing Kai-shek
b) Yuan Shih-Kai
c) Mao Zedong
d) Kang Yuwei

The ideas of nationalism, democracy and livelihood could be found in the Chinese doctrine known as
a) Construction of Red China
b) Red Book of Mao
c) Three Principles of the People
d) Doctrines of Chaing Kai-shek

Acupuncture is used in
a) mathematics
b) ceramic art
c) medicine
d) philosophy

The Analects contained
a) religious quotations and sayings
b) the thoughts of Mao Zedong
c) the political insight for all Imperial rulers to follow
d) the thoughts of Confucius

Which country does not border China
a) Russia
b) Tibet
c) North Korea
d) India

The young students involved in the Cultural Revolution were referred to as the
a) Kuomintang
b) Young Pioneers
c) Communists
d) Red Guard

This substance is often used by a Taoist to explain his or her beliefs
a) Fire
b) Dirt
c) Wind
d) Water

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