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Which of the following techniques makes good use of the human genome for the purpose of determining the gene code for a particular disease?
a) hybridization
b) rapid sequencing
c) DNA fingerprinting
d) karyotyping

Watson and Crick are scientists credited with -
b) developing the model of DNA
c) reading the DNA sequence
d) discovering that genes are composed of DNA

The value of genetic diversity is closely linked to -
a) species diversity
b) ecosystem diversity
c) biodiversity
d) habitat diversity

Which scientists discovered the structure of DNA?
a) Schleiden, Schann and Virchow
b) Watson and Crick
c) Pasteur and Darwin
d) Smith and Nathans

A phenotype is -
a) a visible trait
b) a genetic, but not always physical, trait
c) a new flavor of kool-aid
d) an english vocabulary word.

Which of the following is/are passed on from parent to offspring?
a) zygotes
b) gametes
c) gene
d) fertilization

What process produces two genetically identical cells?
a) meiosis
b) mutation
c) mitosis
d) homeostasis

Water is able to transport freely across a cell because water is -
a) polar and the cell membrane has a hydrophilic head
b) non polar and the cell membrane has a hydrophobic tail
c) small enough to move without help across the cell
d) essential to homeostasis

When your hands are immersed in dishwater for long periods of time, your skin looks bloated. This is an example of what type of -
a) pinotonic
b) isotonic
c) hypertonic
d) hypotonic

Why is the study of stem cells important towards gaining an understaning of how to restore movement and feeling to paralyzed individuals?
a) stem cells are the best cells within the body and can easily be transplanted
b) stem cells can divide and renew longer than regular cells
c) stem cells are unspecialized cells that can turn into specialized cells
d) stem cells undergo mitosis more often thereby making more cells quickly

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